In 2007, Josh Neiman founded Hybrid Development Group -- a full-service, soup to nuts, real estate development and consulting company focusing on smart growth and urban revitalization. Hybrid

  • * Helps owners and purchasers maximize property value by guiding them through the development and construction process;
  • * Understands complex development;
  • * Specializes in bringing stakeholders together to create successful projects;
  • Is able to execute creative financing solutions and negotiate complicated development agreements;
  • * Has developed two million square feet of mixed-use space with budgets totaling more than $750 million.

In short, we help to bring the vision of a project to reality.

Our name implies it all -- at Hybrid, we are committed to sustainable development on a macro level. Our projects are exclusively located in smart growth, mostly urban areas. Urban does not have to mean big city. Our experience is that people want to live and work in a dynamic environment that includes an engaging street life with a mixture of retail, entertainment, office and residential. “24-7” is not just slang – it represents the density and diversity of a mixed use, walkable environment that makes a society livable.

Hybrid’s team has been helping to revitalize urban cores for more nearly two decades – and we have no intention of slowing down. Let Hybrid use its expertise to guide you to profitable and sustainable development.

About Josh Neiman, Hybrid's Principal