Historic redevelopment is a powerful economic development tool that provides financial incentives to developers to preserve historic structures and bring them back to life. As manufacturing methods have changed over time, many old buildings have outlived the productive and efficient use for which they were designed. Yet, these very buildings can, with relative ease, be reprogrammed to create the very kind of “industrial chic” office and residential space that people desire. Rather than being trapped on a collector road in exurbia, top quality professionals want to work and live in places that are cool and offer comfortable and desirable environments. While at Struever Bros., Josh Neiman led teams that developed more than 750,000 square feet of historic/adaptive re-use projects and generated tens of millions of dollars in historic tax credit equity. At Hybrid, this very expertise are coming into play through the development of the historic Broadway markets and will allow that portion of the project to be economically feasible. 

Hybrid has the know-how not only to help with site selection of historic buildings, but also to guide owners through the design, historic certification, and tax credit underwriting process so that they can take full advantage of existing incentive programs to create dynamic space and receive the financial benefit of historic tax credits which minimize an owner’s out of pocket equity, lower the amount of debt service and can produce enormous rewards.